Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Inspiring healthy and strong moms


Meet Maria Serafine

I am a wife and mom of 3 (a set of twins in there) that loves staying active and healthy. I moved to Austin in 1998, UT grad (Hook Em!) and have a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I currently work full-time for a community health center organization. Originally from Houston but fell in love with Austin and my husband and I decided to call this home!

I am constantly trying to find ways to stay fit and healthy (my hubby does think I am a bit OCD about this LOL) and after the birth of my first child, getting back into shape was somewhat easy.

Then I went off and poof pregnant with twins!

That was not an easy ride and they did a number on my body. So needless to say it took me a few years to get back into shape again- I recall not being able to do a single push up!

During my journey I kept hearing from other moms and how inspired they were and how my motivation to workout was motivating them. I am by no means in model perfect shape but I am strong and can keep up with my three crazies!

I am just starting my social media presence but my goal is to inspire other busy moms to stay fit and find ways to exercise while juggling work, life, and family.

My goal is to post about my life, different gym and training ideas, healthy recipes ( BIG disclaimer – I am NOT a good cook!) and most importantly interview other moms and tell you about their journeys.

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