Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Meet Dede J!

Meet Dede J!

Super Mom Friday! This week I am highlighting Dede J!


Tell me a little about yourself

Well hello! I’m Dede, a 38-year-old momma, and with my fabulous hubby, Darin, have our little herd: Addy 6 years old, Elli almost 3 years old, and Cooper 8 months old. I have an amazing hubby, Darin, and we live in Round Rock. I really love walks on the beach (no really I do), anything sweet, and quietness (because I haven’t experienced that in years)!

What characteristics make you a super mom?

Am I super mom? I’m not sure even what that means but I think every mom is a super mom. Being a momma is HARD work!!! I think finding balance in life is hard and I really strive towards that including especially my own health and well-being. My goal is to continually stay active and find our bodies are way more amazing than we give them credit.

Why is being a strong and healthy mom important to you?

To me, being strong and healthy includes physical and mental/emotional health. I’m a nature nurturer and easily can take care of others before taking care of myself so this is an area I have to be super mindful of. After having kiddo #3, I decided my goal for next year is to feel good in my skin again. Since I got the medical release to get back to it, I’ve been dedicated to my physical health and wellness and have been back to my Crossfit. Plus, I love my amazing Crossfit fam (go Milestone Crossfit) and especially my workout crew (Brooke, Lauren and Gloriana). So back to it….my kids have seen me in the gym and my oldest practices now doing pull ups! Plus my awesome husband is so supportive and also is now making his health a priority so we do this together!!!

What advice would you give other moms?

First off, do what works for you, not what works for others but YOU! That maybe just getting sleep or drinking more water for now and later kicking it into high gear. Being a momma by itself is such tough work and us mommas NEED to take care of ourselves and that looks so different for everyone. I also strongly believe in surrounding yourself with positive supports.

What are you teaching your kiddos about being strong and healthy?

First off, I want my kids to grow up understanding we must take care of our bodies which means we can have ice cream here and there but not all the time (dang it!). That also means we must exercise and eat good things for our bodies. That means taking deep breaths to calm down. That means making good choices and being responsible for our actions. That also means we need to laugh. All of these things help make us healthier and stronger inside and out!


What activities do you do to stay active and healthy?

I love my Crossfit and do that probably about four times a week and then a day or running/sprints. My goal is to incorporate some yoga for added flexibility. Plus, having three kids I feel that I’m constantly in the go so I stay moving a lot.



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