Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Working Out Regularly During Pregnancy

Working Out Regularly During Pregnancy

Working out regularly during pregnancy can decrease labor time!

We have all heard that working out during pregnancy can help with increasing energy levels and helping you keep the weight down but a new study recently published in the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, states that it can also help with your delivery.


The results: 508 women between 9 and 11 weeks pregnant were divided into two groups: One had three sessions of moderate exercise a week, and the other just received education about nutrition and physical activity during their checkups. The women who worked out regularly not only had a shorter first stage of labor by 53 minutes (409 versus 462 minutes), but their total labor times were also an average of 57 minutes shorter (450 versus 507 minutes) than those who didn’t exercise.

The conclusion: A supervised physical exercise program throughout pregnancy decreased the duration of the first phase of labor as well as total time of the first two phases together, leading to a decrease in total labor time.

Who doesn’t want a decrease in their total labor time!?

Read the entire report here:




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