Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator

What is Camp Gladiator?

Camp Gladiator (CG) is an outdoor group-fitness program that offers four-week boot camp-style workouts. Their mission is to to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

Fitness program style

According to their website, CG is a full body functional workout program that combines strength plus cardio in every 60 minute session.  Each workout is different and each week we focus on something different: endurance training, functional movements, interval training, and metabolic conditioning.

Week 1 – Endurance  – Build a muscular and cardio foundation

Week 2 – Strength and agility – Train like an athlete

Week 3 – Interval – Turn up the intensity

Week 4 – Peak – Take it to the next level

Week 5 – Bold Week – VIP workout

My experience at CG

In January, I joined the CG free month offer thanks to Super Mom Lisa that has been encouraging me to try it. I have to admit, I did try CG for 1 week back in 2017 but the class time in my hood didn’t work with my schedule.

January 2018 – I tried at least 1-2 classes a week at either the Auditorium Shores location or at a church location in the Four Points area.

Auditorium Shores 5 am class on M,W, F

  • Fantastic coach – he was encouraging and had us running all around the area. Plus he was tough!
  • Packed Class – there must have been over 30 people in the class from all different fitness levels which made for an exciting class.
  • Bathrooms relatively close by (especially for those of us mommas that need it! We all know who we are!)
  • BEAUTIFUL VIEW!! Definitely worth a workout if all you go for is the view 🙂
  • While you do get a great workout, my con listed only consisted of two items. 1) no opportunity for heavy lifting that you can do in a traditional gym setting and 2) would get me home a bit late to wake up the kids – but this is a personal con.

The 4:45 am class off 2222 closed due to lack of attendance but the coach was great and he teaches at other CG locations.

Overall, I would highly recommend and they seem to have a ZILLION classes all over Austin. Visit their website to find a location near you!

Watch our squat jumps!



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