Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Inspiring healthy and strong moms

Kinetix Body Science

Kinetix Body Science

Tune Up for for Super Moms

Want to experience the best sports massage?!  You need to try

Kinetix Body Science.

Exercise takes a toll on our bodies. If we don’t exercise – it’s bad and if we do – we may be sore, get injured or just be tight and need assistance to keep on working on our body.

I recently met Tammy @kinetixbodyscience and she has changed my world! Tammy has the ability to understand the needs and importance of proper recovery in order to maintain peak performance and prevent injuries. She knows the body and this separates her from other therapists in the industry.

My recommendation is to spend at least three 1-hour sessions with her to get started. Afterwards, 30 min sessions are great if you have a specific area she needs to focus on or if you are experiencing soreness or pain.

Get ready to be shaken like a rag doll! Visit her website for more information. You won’t regret it!






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